Creative Blockade.

Long time no see.

Posted in Uncategorized by matt2k on November 19, 2008

Had a bit of a blackout back there. I’m through it okay though.

Typography, and fonts in general have never really been something I sought after to create. I mean, I use the odd bit of hand drawn type here and there. But usually I’ll just throw some Helvetica on that bitch and leave it be.

But when my friend Chris Webber asked me to do all artwork for his band Loyal 2 No 1. I felt compelled to design a font or logo from scratch.

So here it is.

CD cover will be coming soon. Well a few will be here soon as I need to make a selection for him. Few different styles and all that.



loleroids, hemeroids, joeleroids, steroids?

Posted in Uncategorized by matt2k on November 10, 2008

My good friend Joe Moynihan has started a wee photography/poleroid blog things recently. Just a little plug for the… what three epeople that browse this thing on occasion.

No new art done, well I did stuff last night which I fucking hated. Seriously it was aweful, like… urgh.

Although, I’m gonna do something new for the Concrete Canvas sketchbook when I get the time (and before the deadline, obviously)

Fuck you creative block.


Posted in Uncategorized by matt2k on November 2, 2008

Hello everybody Peeps.

As I’m having a bit of a creativeblock at the moment. The flow of new material will probably slow down for a few weeks (I wanna do a book/gallery of my interpretations famous characters and get raped up the arse by copyright) But that’ll have to wait I suppose.

In the mean time. I raided my old DeviantArt account (Which I don’t use anymore. DeviantArt is the ccer killing creativity)

Found some old stuff.

Have a good night Folks.


y so srs

Posted in Uncategorized by matt2k on November 1, 2008

Just before I nip to the pub for bevvies I can hardly afford. Have this.

Why so serious?

Why so serious?

To see it big, go to my Flickr.