Creative Blockade.

New scribbles.

Posted in Uncategorized by matt2k on March 29, 2009

Few new characters to grace your retinas. They’re nowt special, just late night doodles.

I come into some substantial moneys soon. Do I buy a graphics tablet or a 1 terrabite external drive… Hmm.



Oh wow, I can host via WordPress. Brb, re-uploading all my stuff.




Posted in Uncategorized by matt2k on March 26, 2009

Those who read the blog regularaly (LAWL) will remember the logo I did for that band (Which never fucking went anywhere, and now I think the guy who asked meto do the work is leaving the band…pft) Well, I spend a  good few weeks adapting that into a full alphabetical font.

Also, I might turn it into a TTF file for download one day. But I’m lazy and clueless to anything that isn’t Photoshop, Illustrator, Acid pro or Abes Odysee.

Also. I might design a new logo and look into some better themes for this blog. It’s a little dull.