Creative Blockade.

Merry Fispmas.

Posted in Uncategorized by matt2k on December 20, 2009

Hello hello hello, I totally forgot about this. I didn’t want to let it slip into the murky depths of internet hell, occupied by dead piczo and Geocities sites made my 12 year old’s high on sherbert and their own inflated sense of achievement.

That said, here’s a concept design for some seriously long overdue work I owe Blaine.

In other news, if you want an overpriced t-shirt with some of my autistic scribbles on it, head over to Zazzle! Where I’ve opened a virtual shop!

Oh and if I delay another update for three months and/or no one ever reads this again (The more likely scenario, but I got one view from the 12th to the 17th according to the stats… Who ARE you?!) Have a good christmas and get fucked up.

Signing out.
Peace. x


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